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Maintaining Your Customer Loyalty with Food Redemption Points

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Businesses all over the world are struggling to adapt to the changing environment and consumer behavior during expansion.  Businesses in Indonesia are also experiencing the same thing; many are still struggling to expand their business, retain existing businesses, and lose customer value. One of the big questions now is, "How valuable are you to the customer so they can come back for more?"

Showing love to your customer through loyalty programs such as giving them extra points with various gift exchanges will make your customer feel valued. Once you've gotten over the hurdle and made your customers feel valued, the ROI will be undeniable.

TADA offers a solution through Food Redemption Points, a seamless loyalty system that allows customers to earn loyalty points through their purchase and burn it into their favorite food. Customers love points-based programs because they are easy to understand and create a tangible value exchange. This redeeming points on food can help brands engage the customers better. And what's even more interesting is that customers don't have to bother downloading the application. Convenience for all, right?

Download this Whitepaper to learn more about how to strategize and implement TADA's Food Redemption Points. See how this feature can encourage your customer to purchase again while you thank them. The customers will love it!