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Employee Gifting is Always Worth the Investment


As Lebaran is getting closer, more and more companies are looking for gifts to their employees. An employee recognition gift is a great opportunity to reward, thank, and motivate your whole team. It is a great business investment too, because it brings many positive benefits for your organization; happier and more engaged employees, more productive and better employee retention.

We know that choosing the right gift for employees can be a little bit frustrating. The shipment process can be a fuss too. But today, innovative gift giving solutions like Tada Gifting are available in the market to help you deliver memorable gift giving experiences.

To save your time, Tada has got your back! We’ve made a list of useful, unique, and personalized gifts for every budget as employee gifts and create memorable experiences this festive season. Learn also how Tada can enable you to give freedom to your employees to choose their own gift based on their likings and deliver it to their address on this free e-book.

Available in Bahasa Indonesia.