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Creating an Impactful Channel Incentive Program

Channel incentive has been around for a long time because businesses realize that it can help nurture channel partners’ (resellers, distributors, agents, dealers, etc.) behavior to align them to the overarching business goal. It is also a win-win solution for all parties associated. No wonder manufacturers and vendors rely on financial incentive programs to motivate their channel partners. In turn, channel partners rely on these programs for revenue.

Current research also shows that businesses are getting more results out of channel incentive programs’ capability to motivate their channel partners, nurture long-term relationships, and boost revenues. In fact, the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) discovered in 2017 that 81% of top-performing companies use a channel incentive program. IRF also found that channel incentive programs: With such a promising potential, we believe that it is vital for your business to adopt and perfect a channel incentive program!

Download this white paper that highlights:

  • Benefits Of Channel Incentives
  • Planning And Designing A Successful Program
  • The Challenges Of Channel Incentive Programs
  • Solutions To Challenges Of Channel Incentive Program

It's an all-in-one resource you will ever need to apply to your own fabulous program.

"With the help of TADA we can focus more on acquiring new members to visit our beauty clinic and get updated on our in house promotion. Not only that, our customers are more excited to collect their points than the previous stamps on a physical card that had its weakness: it could be lost. We are happy because the digital point collection is something that is most appreciated by our customers now as it enables them to redeem our free treatments easily."

Theodorus Dhaniel - Director of Marketing, NMW Skin Care


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