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How I-TASUKI grew their membership base to 12K in 8 months


The Secret Behind I-TASUKI'S Success

Learn from I-TASUKI and grow your membership base tremendously!
The majority of businesses wish to build a successful loyalty program to gain more customers and encourage repeat purchases. However, not many businesses take the correct approach. There is fierce competition in the Food & Beverage industry. Businesses that wish to stand out must differentiate themselves.
Hence, restaurants such as I-TASUKI benefit from focusing on establishing a large and loyal customer base. It’s no surprise that rewards program that emphasize on referrals and data-driven engagement with members are increasingly powerful tools for the F&B industry. I-TASUKI's membership base continues to grow exponentially as their members actively advocate for them, getting new customers and members in the process.
Are you on the hunt for new ways to enhance customer experience and stand out from your competitors?

Download this case study highlighting actionable insights and best practices, from strategizing to implementation. Understand how I-TASUKI optimized its loyalty and rewards program to maximize results.