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How TADA helped Indonesia’s Largest Restaurant Chain to Grow its Revenue by 19.3% during The Pandemic by Going Digital

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One of the largest Restaurant chains in Indonesia with 60+ branches across Indonesia successfully managed to boost the revenue to over IDR 300 million. This restaurant applied the TADA Delivery Order system while focusing on online ordering in 2021. 

During the lockdown period restaurant brands in the Jakarta area were only allowed to serve delivery orders, take-away, and pick-up orders. The Restaurant had begun to shift its focus from dine-in to take-away through delivery order services. This was to comply with regulations and a solution to reach their consumers directly. Thus, The Restaurant decided to get on board with the TADA Delivery Order system. This product allowed them to create their web or white-label apps and optimize their delivery without a third-party intervention eating into their margins.

From September 2021 to November 2021, they successfully sent 41 campaigns to over 24,000 consumers. This led to higher customer engagement for the company leading to them earning a revenue excess of over IDR 300 million from this campaign during this period.

Download this case study to learn more about how to strategize and implement TADA's Delivery Order System. Understand how The Restaurant  has survived and continues to thrive even during the current pandemic.