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How CoCo ICHIBANYA turned 51% of its members into repeat purchasers

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Want Loyal Customers? 

CoCo ICHIBANYA was by no means the best in their industry. Yet, they still managed to achieve a 2.5x ROI with TADA.
Like many other businesses, CoCo ICHIBANYA tried traditional loyalty programs but faced much disappointment. It was only when they decided to personalize their membership program, did they start to see better performance and business growth. It’s no surprise that rewards program that emphasize on referrals and data-driven engagement with members are increasingly powerful tools for the F&B industry. 
Currently, CoCo ICHIBANYA's membership base continues to grow exponentially as their members actively advocate for them, getting new customers and members in the process. 
Download this case study highlighting actionable insights and best practices, from strategizing to implementation. Understand how CoCo ICHIBANYA optimized its loyalty and rewards program to maximize results.