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How GAMAL Men Sold 5K+ Product in 1 year Through Exclusive Membership by TADA Social Commerce

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Indonesian men local and masculine brands, GAMAL Men successfully sold 5K+ products in 1 year through exclusive membership by TADA Social Commerce. 

Founded in January 2020, GAMAL Men started with YouTube GAMAL Men, which discussed various topics around skincare and self-development. GAMAL Men realize that they can't waste them for just one purchase, and it leads them to initiate a loyalty program. This program aimed to build customer retention and connect consumers with personalized campaigns through technology.

Therefore, GAMAL Men chose TADA to maximize the loyalty program. They chose TADA as a technology platform to build affiliate marketing through an exclusive membership called "GAMAL Men Plus." GAMAL Men Plus has been running since November 2020. A year running, the program that utilized TADA social commerce feature has managed to get total sales of up to Rp800 million. This figure came from more than 5000 products from 1600+ exclusive members acquired for one year. 40 million commissions have been distributed to appreciate the hard work of these exclusive members.

Gamal, through the Gamal Men, showed that TADA's Social Commerce has succeeded in increasing its business income. Download this case study and learn more about how to implement TADA's Social Commerce, and let your business grow optimally to achieve the best goals.